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COVID-19 Update - 27/05/20

The Hayward Directors continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, implementing definitive governmental advice for us and our clients.  Please see below our latest update.  We are basing this on information being disseminated by Public Health Englandand advice received from our Health & Safety advisors.


Current Operations

  • Our contract managers will be able to provide you with our COVID-19 Policy and Risk Assessment on request.
  • All operatives are being briefed on the continuing importance of social distancing and hand washing
  • PPE is being provided in line with government guidelines.  Please note that masks are not currently recommended other than in a clinical setting.
  • Our contract and senior management teams remain active but have been asked to reduce their travel to the bare minimum and wherever possible work from home.
  • Head Office functions such as invoicing, payroll and accounts are similarly active, but again most of this activity is being completed at home.


Wider Safe Return to Work

We have developed a generic return to work risk assessment as sites begin to open more widely to greater numbers of building users.  The primary focus of this is arrangements for social distancing, but it also focus on key elements such as personal hygiene (hand washing).  This new risk assessment will sit above all our existing risk assessments and method statements.  Social distancing takes priority over all else.  We are asking our contract management teams to take this generic risk assessment and update with a site specific section for your site.  This is in order that we can comply with site specific arrangements that you have made and of course to keep our employees safe.  Please therefore assist your Contract Manager by providing them with your risk assessment and details of any local arrangements that our operatives need to comply with.

Accompanying the risk assessment, we have developed several other tools to manage the safe return to work.  These include:
  • A Return to Work Checklist.  This is to assist our contract managers in completing the risk assessment and making safe arrangements at each of our sites.
  • A COVID-19 Return to Work Safely toolbox talk to be provided to all operatives
  • A training register to document the training that will be provided to all operatives
  • A pictorial COVID-19 Return to Work Safely quick reference guide for operatives
  • A Social Distancing Reminder poster to be placed in all main cleaning cupboards
  • A Hand Washing Reminder poster to be placed in all main cleaning cupboards
We wish to work closely with all our clients to ensure that buildings are safe for all users.

Revisions to Specification

Our Contract Managers will also be discussing revisions to specification with you on an individual basis.  Broadly speaking, the main issues are:

  • We anticipate that most clients will require a more intensive preventative cleaning regime across a smaller building footprint.  This is likely to include increased cleaning of contact points and a combination of cleaning and disinfection.  Where the whole building does not need to be cleaned, we would hope to redirect the labour to complete a more intensive cleaning regime in a smaller area without incurring any additional cost. 
  • Should the whole building need increased cleaning, then it is likely that either additional labour is required, or compromises would need to be made in other areas of the specification to free up the requisite labour. 
  • Many of our clients are discussing the implementation of additional daytime cleaning with us as a further preventative measure.

Please discuss these issues and any additional needs that you may have with your Contract Manager.  It is critical to communicate closely at this time.


Other Information

  • In a previous client update we noted that we have developed a risk assessment and method statement for cleaning with a virucidal chemical (to be used in conjunction with existing detergents).  The chemical selected by us is Selgiene Ultra (see link below):

  • We can provide this to our operatives for use at your site but is does come at an additional cost over and above routine cleaning chemicals.  The cost of such products is fluctuating regularly, please ask your Contract Manager for a current unit cost.
  • We continue to investigate additional preventative and decontamination measures that clients may wish to explore with us.  We have purchased a number of fogging machines to facilitate decontamination cleaning of areas where a case of COVID-19 has been confirmed.  We will provide further updates as we develop expertise in this area and anticipate being able to provide this service at additional cost soon.