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Risk Management


  • Virucidal Surface Sanitising (RA 103)
  • Managing COVID-19 March 2020 (RA 104)
  • Return to Work June 2020 (RA 105)
  • Safety at Work January 2021 (RA 108)
COSHH – the introduction of a virucidal disinfectant (Selgiene Ultra)
  • Chemical CRA 037
  • Chemical CRA 039
  • SDS CO66
  • SDS TO66
Site Support Documents
  • A3 Social Distancing Poster
  • A3 Wash Hands Poster
  • Quick Reference Return to Work (DOC 149)
Documentation is available via the Hayward Services client sharepoint portal.


Risk management has been critical in meeting the specific needs at each contracted site, in a shared workplace environment, and to ensure the safety of our employees and others affected by our service delivery.

Much has changed for us all over the last twelve months and we are continually updating our site-specific risk assessments. All the assessments and changes made to our COVID-19 risk management has been in accordance with the most up to date government guidelines and, where reasonably practicable, to ensure we are COVID-19 secure.

We know that we are fully prepared to meet the ever-changing requirements and do so working in partnership with our clients.  We manage the site-specific hazards site by site to minimise the potential transfer of the virus and adapt our safe working systems to ensure best practice. Our enhanced cleaning methods and procedures limit risk as far as is reasonably practical.   

Risk assessments relating to returning to the workplace, managing COVID-19 and all supporting documents are available to download by our clients via our client portal, using the unique password provided.

Method Statements:

  • MS - SS1 Surface Sanitising
  • MS - DE1 De-Contamination (Static Unit)
  • MS – DE2 De-Contamination (Portable Unit)
  • Quick Ref guide (DOC 155)
  • Toolbox Talk (Safe Return)

As a result of the risk management these are just some of the resultant method statements created to support and train the cleaning teams. These are used to train and share the information with our management and cleaning teams either by virtual or face to face meetings.

All of the processes in place have been implemented in partnership with our clients and with the workforce involvement. 

Site Support Documents:

Hayward Services have created many useful posters, referencing the importance in high traffic environments of the main preventative measures of the spread of the virus.  These include social distancing, hand washing and the wearing of protective garments, such as face masks.

Having these posters and illustrative reminders is essential.