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Client/Operative Updates


  • 16/03/20 (Client)
  • 07/05/20 (Client)
  • 27/05/20 (Client)
  • 28/09/20 (Client)
  • 14/12/20 (Client)
  • 04/01/21 (Client)
  • Updates as available and to be added in date order

Documentation is available via the Hayward Services client sharepoint portal.

Client/Operative Communications:

At the beginning of the first lockdown in mid-March we began sending client and operative updates detailing the preventative measures we undertake.

Throughout the pandemic we have provided our employees with updates and training as required and the main topics included information on COVID-19, social distancing, hand hygiene and understanding necessary requirements.

At the outset of the pandemic in early March, documents were provided to the management teams, local training was undertaken and has this training has continued to progress through the pandemic.